SiteSupport Packages

Having a managed site is imperative to the success and health of your website. Once your site goes live it is your responsibility to ensure the health of your site, however, at Blubird Media, we have developed a few packages to help SME’s get the most from their website. We will help your website grow whilst ensure the health of your site, APIs and plugins remain at a high standard. 


No, you don’t always need management, if you have experience either managing a CMS like WordPress or Magento, then you should be fine. However, if you have little or no experience with websites, then we highly suggest you select a management plan.

We have a range of management plans to suit websites of all sizes and all types, whether you have a small informational site to a site with a CRM attached and bespoke coded platforms.

If you don’t see a plan that suits your direct needs then please do not hesitate in get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to support you in a jargon free way.

See our plans.

There any many benefits to having your site fully managed by us. With over 9 years experience in web development, we know our way round a website backwards with our eyes closed.

There are many obvious benefits to having your website managed by us, here are a few:

  • Gives you back some time without having to worry about your website.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – we have a backup plan if your site goes down and a back up plan for that plan too!
  • Your changes are done professionally.
  • Your SEO work is completed.
  • Your email addresses are looked after.
  • You have daily backups of your site so you never loose a thing.
  • You have a full stack developer at your fingertips.

Yes, totally! We hate contracts too. We strongly believe that our web development and design skills, speak for themselves. This is why we don’t need to rely on contracts to keep our customers.

We try our best not to have to tie you into a contract unless we really have to. The majority of our services come with a “no commitment promise.”

No, we work our hardest to ensure all our clients are looked after in the best way possible. If you come to us from an industry unknown then we will do our best to first research your industry and perform a knowledge risk assessment before accepting any work request. We have worked with some very specific industries, from Micro-pigmentation specialists right the way through to Low VOC Spray Gun Cleaner Manufactures, so there aren’t many industries that will make us stumble.

We can support you in building a website in any CMS there is, we have experience in building in most popular CMS’s on the market today. Here’s a few that we would consider ourselves experts in:

When we are building your site from scratch we will always try our best to use a CMS that is easy to navigate manking your website management easier for you to manage, for eCommerce websites, we will suggest using either WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin or Shopify, just to keep things simple for you.

Although we love using CMS’s for their simplicity and intuitiveness, we always suggest going for a bespoke website where possible, these are the most scalable options with little need to change the primary infrastructure and databases when scaling your business up.

We are! All of our developers are full stack developers, which means when you call us and ask us about something, all of our developers will know what you mean, rather than having to pass you onto someone else within the team.

A full stack developer is someone who is trained in all coding languages from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, Swift and many more.

The only people that are separate to these guys are our graphic designers, graphic designer are very specific, where as developers tend to be more analytical in their thinking, it is essential that all our graphic designers are able to think creatively.

If you are on SiteSupport pro or above then yes you will have a dedicated developer who will know your project inside and out. However, don’t be alarmed, we have a fully functional internal system that allow us to check across all projects and give as much feedback as possible.

We are also able to jump onto other people’s projects and support them in anyway we can offering words of wisdom and help along the way.


SiteSupport Lite

Ideal for SMEs and business with traffic less than 10,000 visitors per month.
£ 100 Per Month
  • Budget SEO Optimisation
  • Minor Aesthetic Updates
  • Self Hosted Email Address Management
  • Hosting Included
  • CMS Management
  • Plugin Documenttation Updates
  • Daily Back-ups, when hosted with us
CMS Sites


Ideal for SMEs with a eCommerce feature and visitors of less than 10,000 per month.
£ 160 Per Month
  • Full SEO Optimisation
  • Self Hosted Email Address Management
  • Hosting Included
  • CMS Management
  • eCommerce Management
  • Monthly SEO Report
  • Analyctics Management
  • Plugin Documentation Updates
  • Daily Backups, when hosted with us
eCom Sites

SiteSupport Pro

Perfect for businesses with large bespoke websites that require ongoing support and API capabilities
£ 600 Per Month
  • Major SEO Optimisation
  • Full Stack Code Development
  • Dedicated Priority Support
  • Email Management (Gsuite, Microsoft365 & Self hotsed)
  • CMS Managament
  • CMS Updates
  • API Updates & Management
  • eCommerce Management
  • Monthly SEO Report
  • 24/7 Site Support
HTML Sites

If your site is already getting over 10,000 views per month then please get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to assist you in getting the right package for your business.