Pulp Friction CIC

We are becoming a partner with Pulp Friction.

What are we doing with them?

Web Application

We are creating a complex application that uses Speech-to-text ad developing a unique speech-to-text AI for ease of use.

Web Design & Development

We have been employed to create a website that is creative, engaging and reflects all the fantastic work that they do.

The Web Application.

We were employed by Pulp Friction Smoothie Bars CIC to create web applications that would support the long term learning needs of both the workers in the kitchen and the people supporting them.

The app needed complex features, such as; speech-to-text and vice versa offering the most accessible form of delivery for all the learners.

The learners would have a range of learning difficulties that ranged in severity and so ensuring that the application was accessible for all was imperative to ensure integration of the app is a success.

What skills and unique features does the web application have?

Pulp Friction are removing boundaries, and helping those with learning difficulties, to get into paid work.

The Website.

The website uses WordPress to support the needs of the directors making special announcements as well as using custom CSS and Javascript features to ensure that we get the absolute most out of the platform we chose to use.