Web Design FAQ

Before you choose Blubird to be your dedicated web design partner, you may have some questions that you may want answering before we start on your project.

As web developers, we get asked questions on a daily basis which we have compiled below, offerin you an insight into some of our most commonly asked questions.

When we first started Blubird Media, we were able to push out new websites within 72 ours for our smaller clients. However, as we have grown and now build ore websites with an average of 10-12 websites on to go each week, out timescales are considerably longer.

As an industry average your can expect your new website to take anywhere between 6-12 weeks or this may be considerably longer for larger and more complex sites or web applications.

We work on a few stages.

Firstly we begin with a 90 minute planning meeting which ensures that all functions and designs are as clear as possible.

Once we have gone away from the inita planning meeting, we will then start the designing process creating site maps and wirefreames ot demonstrate how the website will link within itself and how the website will look to your end user.

The next stage would come after design and sitmap approval from you, once you are happy with the sitemap and wireframes, we will begin the development process. We will begin by designing your site on a test domain. (e.g yourbusiness.blubirdmedia.com)

The web development stage is the most lenghty process, taking a few weeks to get everything where is should be.

Once you, as the client, are happy with the design fot he site we will then rigorously test the website using a set of bnchmarks to ensure every aspect of the site is working as it should be across all possible platforms and devices.

After this testing has been conducted we will then push the site to go live, placing your website on your chosen domain.

When we create you a website it is all about communication, we need to be able to openly communicate with once another efficiently and activley. We opt to have you connect with your web designer either using Whatsapp or Signal to ensure a free line of communication.

A website cost is no longer standardised. wesites can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, the cost si really depandant on your needs from the website and what you want the website to be and what you want it to do.

Avoid trying to save costs when planning for a website, afterall your website is your new shop front, offering people somewhere to meet your business. The more information the better and the easier they can find you will influence how long a customer decides to spend looking at your site.

Your websites ongoing management is dependant on what kind of site you have opted to have. A good website will need managing in the following areas:

  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Blog Updates
  • Imge Updates
  • Intergration Updated
  • Debugging
  • Database Updates
  • Content Updates
  • landing Page Updates


And the list really does go on. Here at Blubird Media, we have some pre-built custom management plans, and don’t worry you don’t even need the site built by us in order to use it!

Yes! Here, we like to be different, when people come to us they usually come to us with complaints about previous developers “I just couldn’t get hold of them” “they weren’t there when I needed them” we want to put a direct stop to all of this, offering people a direct link with web designers without al the jargon. If your designer has said something you don’t understand let them know, they will always be happy to jump on a zoom call with you and go through anything you don’t understand.

Our hosting packages start at £19.99 per month.

Our website management packages start at £99 per month or £399 per month for SEO management.

We do also provide custom quotes if your needs are a little more unique.

We use literally hundred of different tools and platforms that help us to build websites. As full stack developers we understand the impotance of being able to access your website in a easy way. We mainly use the following tools when building your website:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • JSON Files
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Webflow
  • LottieAnimations
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Cinema 4D
  • WooCommerce
  • Stripe
  • GoCardless

Yes! If you already use shopify and enjoy the platform, we are more than happy to help you create a custom website within the platform.

However, if you did decide to move away from Shopify and have your web designer build in a different patform, we would be more than happy to provide full training on any new platforms that you don’t fully understand.

You do! You have the full rights to your animations, illustrations and domain, we don’t retain any information to do with your business or site.

In some circumstances this may not happen and we may retain full ownership for example if you deicde to take your website out on finance, we will retain full ownership until your agreement has been fulfilled at which point all ownership is handed over to you or your business.

If your website is hosted and managed by us, we will get your website back up and live as soon as possible. We have a 99% uptime record and so having your website go down is pretty unlikely.We also provide daily backups as standard on all our hosted and managed websites so don’t worry about data loss there either!

There may be times, when we need to charge for bringing your site back up to speed, your designer will have this conversation with you if this is the case.